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I've known Ryan for years, and I've always trusted his judgment, dedication and ambition. When I decided it was time for me to take the plunge and purchase a home in San Francisco, choosing Ryan ... was a no brainer. Ryan worked tirelessly to find a place that was within my budget that met my needs. He kept hounding absentee listing agents so we could get a deal done. I highly recommend Ryan and would use him again.

- Peter S.


Ryan and his team were all stars, from first contact through and after the sale went through. Ryan was available and helpful through the entire process. We went to many open houses, Ryan was always there early and did his research. After looking for a few months, Ryan found a gem of a house for us in San Rafael. I use all the real estate apps but the place wasn't on any of them. Ryan was able to find this and get us in and an offer submitted all within 72 hours. He even helped us figure out how to make our offer better than the rest. Once our offer was accepted, The real fun began, and Ryan was locked in through every little step. We were communicating daily (nights, weekends, he seemed to be working for us full time!) He was great at every turn and even provided some contacts for some home improvements. When we look for a new house, we will 100% use Ryan again.



Thanks to Ryan, my condo-buying experience was a seamless and memorable process. I have no regrets having him as my agent and would choose him again. In my view, Ryan has several qualities that make him a strong real-estate agent. I particularly liked his responsiveness, upbeat attitude, and dependability. Ryan consistently followed through and completed tasks on time, whether they were big or small. My condo was delayed for more than 6 months, during which he reduced my stress by providing me with helpful updates and apprising me of the next steps. I very much appreciated that he made sure everything went smoothly towards the end when I was closing my escrow. Most importantly, Ryan is a great person and he means well.


"On Point With Their Communication"

Ryan and Marcus have been very helpful throughout the whole searching process, offer submission and up to the close of escrow. On point with their communication and guidance. I will highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a home, especially in San Francisco.

- Rehan

"The Best Real Estate Company"

The best real estate company I have ever worked with and I have worked with many over 35 years. They get what it means to relationally care for their clients.

- Joe N.

"Ryan and his Team were Great"

Ryan was great from our initial meeting to well beyond when we moved in. He and his team were as great as we could've asked for.

- Geoffrey R.

"Helped us quickly and easily sell"

Your attention to detail, helpfulness, knowledge and use of best practices in the market helped us quickly and easily sell our investment properties.

- Russell Bradford

"The only one we recommend"

It may be a cliché, but you really do put your clients first. Whether it was negotiating with the bank or the seller, you always had our back. Your guidance helped us save several thousands of dollars in the purchase of our home. You also spent countless hours on the phone with Suzanne and I explaining the twists and turns of buying a short sale. Based on how you handled all the issues that cropped up, we can only imagine how easy it would be to have you as a realtor in a normal situation! What we were most impressed with, was the fact that virtually 100% of the time you were correct in everything from our negotiating strategy to how to structure our offer, to make it appealing to both the banks and the sellers. It became clear very early on that you had the experience and knowledge in dealing with very convoluted real estate transactions. You were very persistent in representing us to the seller’s agent and it was obvious at the end that she was leaning on you for guidance to complete the deal. While we know many realtors, based on this experience of representing us, you will be the only one we recommend to our friends in the future. We can honestly say that without your expertise, we would still be house hunting. This is one time where we should be buying you a bottle of Champagne to celebrate, not the other way around.

- Michael & Suzanne Berke

"What a great pleasure"

We thought you did such a great job managing that variability (while shielding us from all the ugly details). What a great pleasure to work with you.

- Chuck & Jennifer Fontana

"Marcus and Ryan – 631 Mangels Ave"

I had the pleasure of working with Marcus and Ryan on my new construction condo. I found them both friendly, approachable and professional, and thought their service was top notch. They made sure to provide me with helpful updates throughout the process. I was always in the loop and made aware of what the next steps would be. Looking back, I especially appreciated that they made sure everything went smoothly towards the end when I was closing my escrow. Overall, it was a seamless experience working with them.

- Andrew T.

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